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Black Friday: we can't wait to share this exciting news with you.

So, I received my Personalised Black Friday offers this evening. Currently on Fibre with Halo1 and with 14 months remaining on contract. What a disappointment - best of all was my invitation to "upgrade" and pay an extra £8 per month for exactly the same service I already have !

Please BT - get real. I really don't believe sending out this type of garbage helps with your image and indeed increase sales.

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Re: Black Friday: we can't wait to share this exciting news with you.

My contract expires in a week, and the website fluctuated between offering me a lower price for the same package - which I mysteriously couldn’t access, due to a technical error - and paying £5 more. ..

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Re: Black Friday: we can't wait to share this exciting news with you.

I have to agree with you. My broadband contract expires on 18 December and since early July every time I log in to My BT I get a link to offers available 'as my contract expires soon'. The cheapest offer for the same package I am currently on carries a big banner extolling that it is 'Only £5 a month more than you currently pay'. I logged in on Tuesday morning to see a huge link which would take me to 'Amazing Black Friday Deals'. Clicked the link and it was exactly the same offers as before the cheapest being £5 more than I currently pay but this time all the offer boxes had a black border round them with 'Black Friday Deal' attached. I decided enough was enough, had a look a Sky's website where there are genuine Black Friday deals available and signed up with Sky for 18 months (BT of course wanted to lock me in for 24 months) and saved myself a small fortune in the process. Now I am being bombarded with  phone calls or emails asking me to phone to hear all the the amazing deals I can now have. Of course it's only after they realise you are leaving that they actually want to make any kind of meaningful offer. Sorry BT but enough's enough. Rant over!

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