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Broadband Offer



I logged into my account today to see a notification saying 'We recommend you update your broadband'


It further says:

Why you need an update 

You’re currently on the old copper network which is less stable and slower than our new fibre network. We’re currently moving all of our copper customers to fibre, so don’t miss your chance to secure your update today.

tick offers  A more stable and reliable broadband connection

tick offers  A new BT Smart Hub, giving you the UK’s most powerful wi-fi vs major broadband providers

tick offers  Faster speeds – average speeds of 50Mb


Your update summary

You’ll receive more stable and reliable broadband, as well as faster speeds – your discounted price per month is £29.99, it’s usually £52.49. We’ll send you a new Smart Hub to support your improved broadband connection for a one-off P&P cost of £9.99, which will be added to your next bill, then that’s it. As with your current package, you’ll have an out of contract price of £52.49.

I thought I was already on fibre, albeit from the exchange to the cabinet. Anyone else have this update and what do you think? I see I get sent a new Smart Hub, currently have the HH6.

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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: Broadband Offer

The Smarthub is also known as the HH6.

If you are already on FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) this "upgrade" would appear to be selling you the same product.

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Re: Broadband Offer

That's what i thought and paying £9.99 for the pleasure of a smart hub I already have.

Featured ProductsDownstream Line Rate(Mbps)Upstream Line Rate(Mbps)Downstream Handback Threshold(Mbps)WBC FTTC Availability DateWBC SOGEA Availability DateLeft in Jumper  High Low High Low        

VDSL Range A (Clean) 
VDSL Range B (Impacted)50.332.49.25.727.3Available----


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Re: Broadband Offer

Are you on BT Infinity? The £9.99 is the delivery charge for the new BT Smart Hub 2, but it doesn't appear to offer much more other than being compatible with the Complete Wi-Fi Guarantee service. You may be able to contact BT and mention this deal, but ask for the new BT Smart Hub to be removed from it. It all depends on the deal though.
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