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Broadband Update Query


I was "thinking" of upgrading my broadband from Superfast Fibre 1 to Superfast Fibre Plus. I have been given a offer on the MYBT page to do this for a couple of pound extra.(and yes, I have phoned customer services and the only offer they had was more expensive again).  The thing is, would my discount I currently get carry forward for the full 18 months of the new contract, or only for what I had left on my original fibre 1 contract and then go back to full price?


EDIT; I just went through part of the order process and have seen this, "your discount for your broadband will be extended for 18 months as your broadband has been recontracted".  So I think that MAY answer my question and this discount I am getting will carry through for the full duration if I decide to go ahead.

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Re: Broadband Update Query

if you take the offer then you start a new package for 18 months

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