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Broadband & BT Sport renewal questions

Sorry, dont know where to put this so if in the wrong place, mods please move.

My BT phone, broadband and BT sport deal has come to an end and Im considering renewal options. At the very least, Im looking to reduce my costs. As I'll be out of contract, Im presuming BT will charge me top whack for phone, broadband and BT Sport even if that element is paused.

BT have finally sent me a reminder than my packages are ending and now give me the option to stay on Fibre 1 for £28 a month. Before, the recommended options didnt show this and only offered Fibre 2 which I dont want.

I can renew on line but, there's no option for BT Sport!

Given the current virus situation, I intend to discontinue having BT Sport via my Sky box and just intend using my lappie to watch. That should save me a tenner a month? Is there any way to renew my whole package on line and remove the Sky viewing option?

The final option is just renew the phone and broadband and drop BT Sport altogether. If I just want to do this on line, how do I terminate BT Sport altogether?


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Re: Broadband & BT Sport renewal questions


You can call this number  0800 800 030, that number is for contract renewals only. They usually answer very quickly, and you can discuss the renewal of your discounts or changes to your package.

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