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Broadband package renewal frustration

So I'm 14 days from contract renewal and have been offered the same Halo 1 package I currently have at a reduced price of £35.50 a month rather than my current £40.50 a month. Hooray ! Only problem is there is a mysterious 'technical error' every time I try and progress it and this happens three times in 2 days. Today is 12 days from renewal and the £35.50 deal has mysteriously disappeared, only to be replaced by a £36.99 a month deal for exactly the same package which has now replaced the cheaper one to become my new 'hand-picked, top recommendation.' And guess what? Even if I did want to accept it, and to be honest, why would I, it would be impossible because this one too has been hit by a 'technical error.' Wtf is going on, BT?

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Re: Broadband package renewal frustration

phone options team and see if you can negotiate a better deal 0800800030

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