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Broadband renewal

Have received a renewal email but I’m totally confused.

Want to renew my existing contract but when I go to the website that I can access to only links for upgraded packages and prices.

I checked the deal compared to the link that only can provide the upgraded package. so, here is the thing.

If I choose the Fibre 2 deal from the current deal promotion at the moment, I will pay a 31.99 bill monthly, but If I choose to renew my current option and upgrade it to the Fibre with Halo deal, I gotta pay a 38.99 bill per month. 

Why wouldn't I get the Fibre 2 deal straight away as well as not waiting for it to be activated?

Thank you.

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Broadband renewal

this is a customer help customer forum   your post does not go to BT  the Fibre 2 from your post does not include Halo

phone options team who are dealing with contract renewals and see what you can negotiate 0800800030

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