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Bt reward card - set up to fail!

Earlier this year I qualified for a third reward card 

I remembered from past experiences something about getting a email and having to claim online

I read you need to wait a month, before claiming, so ok will do that. A month passed, reward card not in the front of my mind. A couple of months later, checked emails to see if any reminders, instructions.

Nope nothing, wait a bit longer, still nothing.

Spoke to bt support - who informed me that as 3 months had now passed since purchase the claim was now expired

Looking back I was expecting some sort of reminder or email with directions. I had them the last two times but what i had forgotten that they were only sent after making the initial  claim!

Which brings me to the conclusion the  Bt reward card is set up to fail, you have a very limited window to actually claim

With a phone/sim purchase you have to wait 30 days before claiming then have a  8 weeks/2 month window to claim

Why is it no reminder/instructions are ever sent out?

I would understand and expect if this was some sort of 'fly by night' online company trying to make a fast buck

But this is a respected company that I pay monthly a fairly substantial sum and do expect to be treated fairly and openly

No reminder, no instructions, nothing sent,  a limited window to claim, just 8 weeks after a 4 week delay..








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