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Bt screws up (3rd dec price hikes) but refuses liability

Well i contacted bt as I tried to cancel my line and was told I would have to wait until i was notified , Recieved not 1 but 2 letters in december (one on the 2nd one on the 5th) Apologising that they had tried but failed to email me  Tried again to cancel and was told i havd already been notified and was outside the 10 day period.     (so strike 1 the letters confirmed i hadn't been reached no legally notified.)

so i emailed a complaint into bt and the following excerpts as taken from the email


"To help publicise the changes we briefed the media in late August and on 1st September we published the increased prices on Personalised price quotes were also available online for broadband and bundles from mid-October. In your case, as an e-biller, when you received your e-bill alert on 2nd October information about the price changes was contained in the ‘My Phone’ section as well as web pages displaying the price point of any impacted products. "

So to ignore the letter that was sent confirming BT's error they then justified the fact it was briefed to the "media" , thats not notifying people if they don't read said media or specialised tv program? or are we supposed to read and watch things in the media now incase a company decides to "notify" us by that method and not directly(as ofcom regs state) also none of that "media" included the loss of online billing discount.

"Putting these changes into place has been very complex and some of our customers may not have received one month’s individual notice of the recent price changes. We apologise for this.

I note you were aware, from the BT forums, of the 3rd December price changes. I appreciate that it was frustrating for you not being able to immediately cancel when you first became aware of the changes. We will look into this though so that the process is improved in future. "

So they are aware they have breached ofcom regulations are sorry for it but refuse to act on it? (this forums not legal notification as its a customer forum and chinese whispers tend to change details)

And the fact I wasn't able to cancel , is "frustrating" .... its a shady practice to say the very least.

So they accept that some/many customers were not notified (hence why they sent the letter out ONE day pre price hike) But then hold people to the day their system "sent out" these mythical notifications that many didn't recieve...... and refer people to the e-bill which many only found the price hike notification in after viewing 5-6 unrelated hyperlinks.....

roll on contract end is all i can say , overpriced cowboys seems to be Bt's current ethos.

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Community Manager
Community Manager
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Re: Bt screws up (3rd dec price hikes) but refuses liability

Hi Ook,


Thanks for the post.  I am sorry about the problems you have had with BT in relation to the price increases.  I would like to look into this for you.


Please drop me an email via the 'Contact Us' link in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the link under the "about me" section). Include your BT account details and the link to this thread.




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Bt screws up (3rd dec price hikes) but refuses liability

thanks for the offer sean but after the email from one of your customer care staff i took it higher , and its now been resolved. But in all honesty its still disgusting how such underhand tactics are being employed.

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