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Call Setup fee

I was quite happy to tell anyone that would listen about mobile companies charging the callers network a termination fee for caring the call etc.  However, I do like to be fair and have to moan about the setup fee on landlines. 


At the moment, UK mobile operators do not use a setup fee were as all UK landline providers do.


To tell you the truth, I hate it and it should be replaced with the minimum call charge that BT use to have.


If I call a UK mobile after 7pm, the cost is 5.3p per minute.  The moment I get diverted to voicemail, the cost is 12.5p, redial after a few minutes, again, voicemail, another 12.5p charge.


I could stack up quite a few charges without actually speaking to anyone because of the setup fee.  I do hate it with a passion and to be honest, it puts me off making those calls which are outside my calling plan.


Staff at BT may read this and thing there is no pleasing everyone and my answer would be no there isn't.  But with so much competition out there, I fear the landline will be redundant in the home.


I always tell my friends and colleagues what the benefits of having a landline are - If I'm going to make a call, It will be when I'm sat on the sofa, cup of tea and use the corded phone like old days.  I have a mobile but I don't feel the need to broadcast my conversations when outside.


Also, I feel the line rental cost (£13.90) is really high, for low users they could swap to a cheap contract phone. 


What I want is for BT to help me promote the landline - I want it to stay around for years to come but with 4g going live in the next few years and mobiles with tethering, you should be a bit concerned. 





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Registered: ‎07-04-2011

Re: Call Setup fee

Has anyone read this?  Comments would be appreciated.

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Re: Call Setup fee


BT do offer allow user option it is called BT basic it costs about£ 14.00 per month and it includes £4.5.permonths calls also unlke some of btw previous low user tariffs you can also have broadband adder as well if you wish Google BT basic for more details

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Registered: ‎07-04-2011

Re: Call Setup fee

Bt basic is only for people claiming certain benefits and it's £14.40 per quarter, not per month!!!


Unfortunately you haven't been helpful lol