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Call out charge / Very poor customer service

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Ia m writing on behalf of my 62yr old mother who currently is incredible stressed by bt's LACK of customer service.




Back in October my mum phoned BT as she was having problems with her phone. When she spoke to the adviser on the line he ASSURED her the vault was on bt's line but then said their was a call out charge if they then find the fault to be hers.


As my mum is on a pensioner she again asked for the adviser to check the line again and confirm that the fault was with them as she couldn't afford the call out charge . THE ADVISER THEN ASSURED MY MUM THAT THE FAULT WAS WITH BT ! So my mum agreed to the engineer to come out ON THE ADVISE OF THE ADVISER !


So the day arrives and the engineer quickly diagnoses that the fault is on are line .. I mean within mins he sees this ! So my mum then asks him to leave. Bearing in mind he has done NO WORK !!!


Feb arrives and my mum has recieved a biill for the engineers call out ! She recieved the bill on the 9th ! and has to pay by the follwoing friday ! My mum is a pensioner and this is over her pension and is very stressed by the situation .


No one at customer services has helped her at all with this we was supposed to get a call back today 14th from a manager SURPRISE no phone call. 2 HRS Later and another call back to be made !


My mother is in bits and is very worried about this as she cannot afford the bill . I am shocked at how she has been treated as she has been LOYAL CUSTOMER FOR 40YRS !!!! and never changed .


I really would appreciate some help /  advise, as its hard explaining the situation so many times to different people .


My mum is finding this very stressful and is worrying as she was threatened with legal action on a £127. etc ! I find this very extreme and disgusting that my mum is currenlty going through this !



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Re: Call out charge / Very poor customer service

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Sorry to hear about your problems.


Did you happen to get an engineer report or even know what the engineer found with the line? I can't seem to find that in your post.


Also, when you said your mother asked him to leave, had he completed any remedial work?


Just trying to get a better understanding of the actual issue.




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Re: Call out charge / Very poor customer service

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The only wrk he performed was what the adviser asked my mum to do and he said it was are line.

Which took him mins to do not hour or 30 mins etc ...

I'm not sure if she still has a copy of the report or even was given one I would have to check.

He didn't diagnose wat exactly was wrong as my mum had asked him to leave .

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Re: Call out charge / Very poor customer service

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Hi ConcernedDaughter,


Thanks for the posts and welcome to the forum.  I am really sorry to read of your moms experience in getting a fault fixed.  I fully appreciate how concerned she must be.  I would like to take a look at this for you.


Please drop me an email to the email address in my profile. (click on my name and you will find the address under the "about me" section). Include your Mothers BT account details and the link to this thread.


As soon as I get her details I will read the engineers report and find out what we can do. 




Community ManagerSeanD
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Re: Call out charge / Very poor customer service

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