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Caller Display charge

I sympathise with you GeorgeL86.  We renewed our contract with BT in June, to include (among other things) BT Privacy Caller Display free of charge. However, we found we'd been charged for it in the next two bills.  After two sessions of online chat in August and October, and promises that we'll receive the appropriate refunds, we received the latest bill today.  Part of the refund has been made, but to our amazement, they said that we'd added the BT Privacy Caller Display in October, and agreed to renew our line rental for a further 12 months!  We never agreed to any such thing! I spoke with a advisor with a non-British accent this afternoon, who said she would deal with the refunds but from what she said, we're stuck with a five month extension to our contract because of BT's mistakes.  It's totally unacceptable, and I've now sent a message to their complaints department, with a threat of referral to OFCOM if it's not sorted.  


No wonder BT Customer Services department has such a poor reputation.

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Re: Caller Display charge

@SusieM I'm sorry the BT Privacy Caller Display service was not activated when you first requested it.  Please use the 'contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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Re: Caller Display charge

Thanks for the support Susie.


Neil, I hope you are going to help here. All started more than a month ago. i have tried my postcode on BT website and happilly, i found that i can have BT infinity. So, i placed an order with you guys. All rolled very well, kit arrived in my apartment and the openreach engineer came to activate the broadband. However, the engineer informed that my green box does not support Fiber broadband but the normal adsl. Please try my post code on your website and you will see that it is supported per your database findings (SE137FD). The cancelllation period of course has passed. I contacted your indian support to place an order for normal adsl. However, they wanted from me pay to 26 pounds per month which was expensive. I denied and asked to cancel my services. I know that my cancellation period was over but it was BT's fault as they did not provide what i initially ordered. So, I ended up with a BT phone line, something that i never ordered and wanted. Now, I am with another service provider and although i have been promised that i am not going to pay the amount of ending the contract early as was BT's fault  , I was wrong. I received an email from BT for paying 62 pounds for the rest of the phone line contract which is illegal and unfair. They said that this is going to debt collectors and my creadit will decrease. I pay the amount as i was afraid from the concequences from an unethical company who only cares about grabbing people's money. Your indian support is very cheap i know but the damage they make to you is unbelievable.


Neil, can you please help me sort this out?



Thanks a lot,



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Re: Caller Display charge