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Can I change my payment date?

I've recently started a new job with a payday of the last working day of the month.  Currently my bill is paid on or around the 26th of the month, can I move this date by a few days to, for example the first of the month so that I'm not left penniless for a few days till payday?

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Re: Can I change my payment date?

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You can't if you are paying the whole bill. But if you're on Monthly Payment Plan you can change it yourself in MyBT (link at the top of this page).


MyBT > Your bills and payments > Manage your payments > Change regular payment > Change payment details

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Re: Can I change my payment date?

Pottyperson is absolutely correct. Monthly payment plan is always the best way to pay your bills if you want to choose the date of the month for the bills to come out.
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