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Can't Order Broadband/TV because of new postcode! :(

Hi folks 

Hope everyone is keeping safe and well 🙂

I will be moving in-to a new build and obviously need to set-up Broadband and TV.  I was going to go with BT as my mother is currently a customer but it's proving rather difficult! My postcode isn't recognized on the BT website so did a live chat on the website and the lady advised to contact a 0800 number which I did and he said they could do nothing until the database was updated.  I asked when do BT update there databases and he said he wasn't sure 😞

The annoying bit is, both, Virgin & Sky recognize my postcode so I'm unsure why BT can't!  Also, while it's a new development, the BT website recognizes the house that is literally across the path from me as it's under a different postcode so it's strange it recognizes one postcode but not the other!

Anyone any ideas on how to process this with BT?  If not, it seems I will have to go elsewhere sadly!  Just to confirm, I am only looking TV & Broadband - I believe BT now offer Broadband without a landline which is of interest to me as I only use my mobile.  I was going to switch my mobile to BT too as my contract with Vodaphone is coming up but I will have to re-think that too if I can't even get Broadband!

Many thanks 🙂 

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Re: Can't Order Broadband/TV because of new postcode! :(

Because your address is a new build, I think it's just been delayed so far to be updated in BT database.

Just a matter of time.

Depends on how patient you are or how urgent is your need. 

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Re: Can't Order Broadband/TV because of new postcode! :(

If it is a new build do you know if the developer has arranged for FTTP to be available?

If not then you would need to order a phone line first for the Openreach database to be updated. As all services other than FTTP need a copper line installed there is no difference in price if you take the phone service or not.

If FTTP is installed ring the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787.