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Cancel Broadband Talk

After receiving an email advising of the Broadband Talk changes.


If you want to cancel Broadband Talk.
Just go to Have your bill to hand because you'll need a few details from it. We'll do the rest – we'll stop your Broadband Talk service and we won't charge you for it. You'll keep your BT Broadband, your Home Hub and any other BT lines you have.


We went to only to find it doesn't work and with an error message.


All we want to do is cancel BB Talk we don't have an account for it as we never used it. It was part of the package we upgraded to last time.


How can we cancel it on line we want to avoid hanging on the phone trying to get through to the right person as has happened in the past.

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New Broadband Talk charges

Has anyone else noticed that BT have snuck a note in at the bottom of their price change announcement regarding Broadband Talk?


From 1 February 2014 the Broadband Talk Evening and Weekend plan (not available for new sale) will cost £3.50 a month. We will be writing to customers personally with their options in December and January.,6375,6376


So a service that was always free since it was first introduced is now going to be chargeable.  One more nail in the coffin of Broadband Talk.

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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

No I didn`t notice it. I tend to use BBT on weekday evenings as its free at the moment. I am not sure whether I actually would make £3.50 worth of calls anyway.

My normal landline number is withheld, but not BBT number, so BBT tends to get used for all outgoing calls, so people know who is calling.

I think we will have to see what the actual options are.

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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

Good spot Ectophile never noticed

Probably BBT not much longer to run

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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

As it says from Feb 14, it would seem to indicate that BBT is going to continue into 2014 for existing customers.


My guess is that so many people are going to be renewing their contract to take advantage of certain concessions, like free caller display, that a lot of BBT numbers are going to be ceased, without most people realising that they will lose it.


I find the extra phone number useful, which is why I have not bothered to renew my contract. I already have quite a good deal, even after the future price increases, and my contract simply rolls over month by month, at the same price.


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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

Yes well spotted Ectophile Smiley Wink


I would gladly have paid the £3.50 a month to keep BB Talk as this would have far outweighed the hassle that I've had since losing it, not to mention the by now familiar quip "We tried to ring you but your phone wasnt working"  Smiley Mad


In that scenario, the product replacement for BB Talk [if that what it is] BT Smart Talk has been a non-player Smiley Sad

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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

BT seem to be screwing us for every penny they can so that they can fund this sports stuff that I have absolutely no interest in. I've just cancelled broadband talk as I wouldn't get any value from it and, in any case, I don't want to be funding a service - BT Sport - that I just don't want. They are getting as bad as Sky!

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Re: New Broadband Talk charges

You could have kept it, without paying extra, provided you accepted the reduced package.


I find the extra phone number useful anyway, and with the new free 60 minute SmartTalk offer, it goes quite a way to ofsetting any loss of free evening calls, as I can use SmartTalk instead, and not be restricted by the time of day.



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Re: Cancel Broadband Talk

I just came in to start an exact same thread.I have tried it both on firefox and in explorer just in case it was a browser problem but both kick off warnings & I am not prepared to carry on.


So what do we do ?

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Re: Cancel Broadband Talk

[ Edited ]

If you do not have the extra broadband talk phone number, then there is nothing to cancel.


This has nothing to do with the hub phones, if you have any, as they will work just as well on your normal landline number.


For those who have the extra number, and find it useful, the the £3.50 to keep the extra line, is probably worth it while it lasts.

It would seem to indicate that the Broadband Talk service is going to continue for existing customers on old contracts, for the time being.