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Cancellation Fees and poor customer service

I have had a very frustrating phone call with bt billing dept tonight! I look out bt broadband in July after being offered a better deal than Sky. Fibre was activated ok but right from the start the connection kept dropping out when we were using it. I rang bt on several occasions and kept being told it was because it was a new installation. This carried on and I kept reporting the fault online and being informed it was resolved even though the connection was still dropping every few minutes. I range bt again to be told there was no fault with the broadband and it should be working fine! It wasn't!! After another week or so of this I tried to ring them again getting an automated message that they were very busy and I was in a queue. I waited on the phone for 49 minutes before finally giving up. This was the last resort! I rang again and told them I was not happy and would be cancelling the contract. The person I spoke to said that was fine. I then got in touch with Sky who said they would deal with the change over and I wouldn't have to do anything else. This all went fine. I then received a bag from bt to return the router which I did. Then I receive a bill for £226 because I cancelled the contract early! After ringing again I spoke to a very rude 'customer service' person who basically said he didn't believe I had had all these issues did not believe I had rung to cancel the contract and wanted the date I had rung to do this! Who remembers the date they make a phone call??!! He refused to put me through to anyone else and said that he wouldn't remove the charges and that no one else would either. Eventually he said that he would 'escalate my case' and someone would ring me tomorrow. So disappointed in the response from bt. Wish I had never gone back to them in the first place. I will not make that mistake again. They have also stopped my bt sport subscription and I have been unable to get this sorted out. So so angry at the way I have been spoken to I just had to rant!!
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Re: Cancellation Fees and poor customer service

If you cancel the contract, then you have to pay cancellation charges, its as simple as that. Nobody in BT is going to cancel those charges.


Charges are shown here


The only way that BT will allow you to leave is if they agree in writing, that they are unable to provide you with service, or repair your existing service. This is very unlikely as most ISPs, including Sky, use the Openreach copper network.


It would have been better to bring your problems to this forum first, and they would have been sorted.



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Re: Cancellation Fees and poor customer service

I have experienced BT Customer Service this week too on several occasions! The service offered is criminal. I even have started to record the conversations. If you want a giggle, I am sure I could upload!! haha
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Re: Cancellation Fees and poor customer service

I've been like this for a while:


I live in a communal block of flats and on August 17th 2016, someone from Kelly Communications came to install a new line or provision on behalf of BT. During the installation, he knocked the wiring where the line comes into my properly from outside. This has caused me to have numerous disconnections and reconnections everyday for the last 4 weeks bearing in mind that I only joined BT on August 15th, coming from Sky.


Since the 17th, I've spoken to about 18-20 BT employees from their faults, technical, complaints and cancellation teams in order to recifiy this. They have already sent an engineer out once which looked at the wiring both inside and out. Didn't find any issues with my internal but the external was suddently corroded. They have arranged for another engineer to come out this Thursday to look at it again and recifiy the issue of the numerous dropouts I'm having. I asked the supervisor to put in his notes on my account to say if this fault isn't recifiied that I will be cancelling my contract, even though I've just paid a £90 bill from them and they issued me a £100 "gift card" as I had signed up to a special deal.


I hope I'm within my rights to cancel without charge as they can't offer a stable service nor the speed they said when I signed up which was 50mb/s. I've had two Smart Hubs from them in the period I've been with them too.



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Re: Cancellation Fees and poor customer service

You can only cancel without charge if BT agree in writing that they are unable to provide satisfactory service. You may have to repay any issued gift card


In order to find out what services and speed range you should be getting, please enter your phone number into this form.
Broadband availability checker

Please remember to edit out your phone number before you post the results.

Could you please post the results from the BT Wholesale speed checker, including the further diagnostics.
If your connection speed  falls into the impacted range, then more help can be arranged via this forum.

The forum moderators can usually sort these problem out.



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