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Cancelled BT Broadband - Mobile Discount Still Applicable?

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Hi all,

Received an email regarding the upcoming price increase last week and called up today to try and haggle the price down - ended up cancelling my BT Broadband and TV package as they were unable to get close to an offer I've had from Vodafone.

I currently have several BT mobile handset and SIM packages on my account. I was passed through three seperate people on the phone earlier, all who gave me different information regarding my £5 mobile monthly discount:

Person 1 and 3: I would keep the £5 discount on my plans as I was leaving due to the price increase

Person 2: I would lose my £5 discount as I was cancelling my broadband package

Does anyone have any information on which one is correct? I have 3 mobiles on my account, so it's a £15 per month difference. I've had a quick look around the website but can't see anything in black and white.

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Cancelled BT Broadband - Mobile Discount Still Applicable?

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A search would have found this post today.

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Re: Cancelled BT Broadband - Mobile Discount Still Applicable?

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Hi @carlycruickshank I've checked and can confirm that just like our last price change, if a BT Mobile customer chooses to cancel their BT Broadband because of the price change, we'll let them keep their £5 discount for as long as they keep BT Mobile with us. 


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