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Cancelled BT TV by mistake but can't get it reversed

Yesterday, I cancelled BT TV by mistake, I should have just cancelled Now Cinema. I contacted BT straight away and was told that I shouldn't have been able to cancel BT TV anyway as there is a 30 days waiting period, but as they were just about to close I should rind in the morning and it could be sorted. After contacting the sales department today, I have been told that they cannot reverse this as it is finalising tonight and I have to wait until it cancels and re-add BT TV. I have been a customer for a number of years and so had a legacy product that meant I paid a little less than I would for a new product, which is why I still have BT TV (long story), and I don't believe this mistake can't just be reversed.

Why are BT insistent they cannot reverse this simple mistake and the sales department are unable to put me through to a department that can reverse the mistake?

This is not the first time I have had to spend days fighting to do get something done by BT just because I couldn't get to speak to the right person in the first place.

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