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Cancelled order

I have recently bought my mother's house, and bought a black Friday package deal for landline and broadband. 

When I bought this, my mother received a phone call about her leaving, and somehow she put a hold on the line until 15/12, which we didn't know - and she didn't understand what it was. 

Unknowingly, we were waiting for our smart hub and when I tried to connect on switch over day I was told the order had been partially cancelled and BT would be in contact. I hadn't heard anything from BT so I phoned and upon eventually getting through I was told about the hold on the line. Surely this could have been spotted when I bought the new package? 

The outcome of the phone call was to get my mother to phone up and remove the hold on the line, which we did, and then to phone back after 24 hours once she had been in contact. I tried to phone and have been on hold every time for over an hour each time. So now we are left with no internet which will likely carry on until after Christmas.

I was then emailed saying there was a problem with with my landline and to get in contact (again to no avail). Now when I try to log into my BT it says I have no packages or deals. 

I was on the phone last night for well over an hour, on hold, and then cut off for no apparent reason. 

We purchased our package almost three weeks ago and are feeling extremely let down by BT. 

Is there any other way possible to contact BT? 

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Re: Cancelled order

at present only method is by phone

the problem only initially happen as then owner of the line, your mother, replied to the BT notification about line take over and caused a hold on the line take over.  probably have to start the order process again 

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