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Cancelled orders, none existant call backs and the offline team

I'm here as a last resort so any help would be great.

We are moving house on 29th June. The house is a new build and we will be the first occupants. 

Knowing that BT are not the best when placing orders, I contacted them on the 9th of June. I explained that the property was a new build but also that the developer had had BT Outreach on site.

The order was placed ********* When the order was placed I was told that it would be in time for the 29th and that I would have a call back in 3 working days from the engineers to confirm.

After 4 working days I chased and was put through to a call centre in India and told that "the system" had cancelled my order and a new order would be placed. The new order number was **********. The engineer would call after three working days.

Again after 4 working days I have called today to chase to be told that I have no orders on the system!

When I have tried to raise the matter the person on the phone said they have opened a case with the "Offline team" and that they will deal with it within 48hrs.

My concern is that I have looked at this forum and it appears questionable that the "offline" team exists.

We are moving on the 29th and now it is the 20th. As it stands we will have not phone or broadband in place on the 29th. Neither of my children will be able to access their online homework. I work from home three days a week and I'm now facing the prospect of not having broadband or a telephone line despite receiving 2 emails asking for £70 connection fees.

I'm a new customer for goodness sake how can it be that new customers are treated so poorly? To be honest I'm not that bothered about empty apologies but I need to be set up and online by the 29th. Any help or assistance or even some decent communication regarding this matter would be gratefully received.

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Re: Cancelled orders, none existant call backs and the offline team

Sad to hear about your poor experience call back and insist to speak to the Connections team no one else. The offline team exist but if you have not had a call back after 48 hours you will be waiting a long time.  call 0800 800 150 give your details and then say " I want to speak to the connections team" Oh and raise a complaint also.

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