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Cancelling My Order and More Delays.

Once again I find myself at the mercy of BT.  After having no broadband for over a month when I relocated 8 months ago and experiencing the frustration of dealing with BT to get this sorted - BT saying one thing, their Openreach engineers saying something else, then trying to charge me for something that was their fault. I find myself experiencing deja-vu! I'm moving again and what to take my broadband to the new property. There's BT broadband at  the property. I go through the process of ordering online to find out that I have to wait over 2 weeks before the broadband can be activated - why? No idea but what can you do. The following day I received a text saying my order had been cancelled?? What?? I get a further mysterious text saying to ring BT. I have to explain to BT what's going on but they sent the text. Turns out they've cancelled my order and because of a "stop" on the line at the new property they can't possibly talk to me until tomorrow about what happens next. I ask: even though the date for the broadband turn on is still over a week away, it's in the future, you've removed me from the list? BT say: we can't talk to you until tomorrow. I say: I'm ringing from work. BT say: we'll ring you tomorrow. I say: So in principal, I have no order, I will have to re-order tomorrow and you will give me a new date even further in the future. BT say: we can't tell you until tomorrow. I say: this is ridiculous. BT says: system doesn't allow ....and I hear you getting very frustrated. I say: No kidding. BT say: I can hear your frustration, I'll put a complaint on the file. I say: But nothing ever changes, your services never improve and I'm the one stuck in a contract with you. BT say: I hear your frustration.  I say: This isn't personal but I'm getting nowhere... and  after getting no where fast , I say: goodbye.

Does anyone care at BT? Do I have any power or control? NO.  Will I need to accept a personal call in work? YES, if I want to get this sorted. Will I be put to the back of the queue for broadband even though I had from my order a date for switch on that's still 10 days in the future? I expect so. Will they pay me compensation? If I have the energy to keep up the pressure. Will this change anything at BT? Previous experience says not. Will that mean living  in my new property with no broadband or landline for weeks using up £££s in (not BT) mobile data? I expect so. And the irony of this... I am a BT Shareholder!!!

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Re: Cancelling My Order and More Delays.

Hi @Helkro 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post!

I'm sorry for the delay transferring services to your new address.  I appreciate the time you've spent trying to get this sorted out.  Due to all the problems you've been having we'll pick this up and help you get connected.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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