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Cancelling account with BT due to moving away.

Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out with how I need to go about cancelling my account with BT?


I'm moving back with my parents due to costs and need to cancell my current Broadband/BT Vison/Phone line package.




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Re: Cancelling account with BT due to moving away.

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Hi Tom.


You can call 08003457310 to cancel the phone line and BT Vision, also possibly Broadband, but I spotted another number for broadband which was 0800800030.


Be aware that if you are still in contract you would be liable for early cancellation charges. You can read about that here:


I will also point out that even if you are not in contract, you would still be liable for a £30 broadband cease charge for the work involved at the exchange. This charge is levied on to all ISP's for the disconnection work at the exchange.


[edit] The cease charge would only apply if you were cancelling broadband, it would not apply if you asked for and used a MAC code.


All the best.