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Cannot order a new SIM on our Family Plan

I have tried repeatedly to add a new SIM to our Family Plan, but whenever I click the Add New SIM button, I get the following nonsense error. Not only is the content of the error wrong (I have checked my landline number on my account, and it is correct), but the steps shown to fix the error are meaningless too. The link provided doesn't take me to a page that contains the 'Edit' button mentioned, and there is nowhere in any of my account or profile settings that allows me to add a new number or remove an old one (neither of which are necessary anyway, because the number on file is correct).

Is there anything I can to get around this infuriating error? Whenever I have tried to use the Live Chat help, the operator has terminated the chat by providing a link to a help page which is completely unrelated to my problem, without giving me any chance to respond.

BT Error.png

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