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Changing direct debit

I had a Wi-Fi, tv and phone contract. We moved onto a new package a year ago. We then moved housethree months ago and bt could not connect the satellite tv so we just now have the phone and Wi-Fi. And use freeview


But they are taking gbp37 extra a month. We have phoned twice which took a long time, they promise to fix it but cannot explain why they are charging so much. 


Any idea what is going on and who we speak to?

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Re: Changing direct debit

You will still be paying for the BT YouView box, until your minimum contract term for the service finishes, even if you are only using it as a FreeView recorder.

I assume you only have a normal broadband connection now, not a high speed one, which is why you cannot get the extra  subscription channels?



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Re: Changing direct debit

Thanks for responding Keith but this does not explain why they have increased our monthly charge by a third. Btw I cannot find the breakdown of the charges or the contract expiry date online and this seems non transparent to me. Can u advise me on where I can find the info?
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Re: Changing direct debit

I assume you are on a monthly payment plan?

The monthly payment plan tends to over estimate your usage.

Are you within your original contract period? If not, then you will pay more unless you re-negotiate a better deal. Remember that all charges include the line rental.

The breakdown of charges should be shown on your bill.

This BT Guide should help

There are lots of reasons for an increase in MPP, which is why whole bill monthly direct debit is a better option.

You can view your contact details by following these instructions View your contract terms

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