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Communications Company that cannot talk amongst itself??

I would really appreciate some assistance here as the BT support line staff just don't get the issue and having wasted two months on calls and waiting around taking days off work I am at my wits end.


I originally requested Infinity broadband back in early April and paid in full the amount for the year and the installation charges etc. We are now mid June and there is no phone or Broadband and I have lost over a weeks worth of Holiday waiting for engineers which have not arrived.


A little brief history:


- Checked online and was advised phone line was active, purchased BT Infinity


- Given Engineer date - We waited around from 8-1 as advised yet no engineer turned up and no call was made - I then called the support line to find out the engineer had looked at the cabinet in the street and registered a fault yet no communication was made to me. An open reach engineer was going to fix the cab a new date was arranged for the engineer to install the broadband.....


- Second visit - engineer turned up looked at the wall and said their was an issue with the phone line - left


- multiple calls and being passed around from Phone to Broadband teams to seek a resolution


- further visit from engineer cancelled without any communications whatsoever, so again I called to find that the problem had not been fixed despite an email and phone call advising it had been.


- Telephone appeared to be working however when calling the number it would ring but not come through to the property. When dialing out the number that would appear to the receiver is not my number.


- Call to BT who advised this was a simple solution and was resolved and advised that a Saturday slot for the Infinity engineer could be arranged.


- Saturday came and went and no engineer, despite having being called earlier in the week to confirm the appointment (and a text BT advised that the engineering team had not confirmed the appointment and they had arranged it for the following Thursday although tehy had not advised this to me.


- Thursday, came and went and yet again no engineer, another day taken off work at cost to me and no communication was made. Once I called after the allotted time was advised that the engineer had not confirmed the appointment and as such would not attend! NO COMMUNICATION TO ME.


- I then sought to use the phone to call BT & low and behold the line was dead. this was then to be resolved and a follow up with the engineer could be arranged.


I have had yet more calls today with BT support call who cannot understand the following:

- My phone line may appear to be working correctly from your system but when I call out the number does not match the number I have been allocated - IT IS SOMEONE ELSES LINE.

- When calling my number to phone rings and rings but this does not come through to my property

- I am only available now for an engineer to visit on a Saturday or evening 


BT's compensation - I have given up here as following the first 3 failures I sought to complain and seek some compensation only to be offered £10 for a missed visit - Frankly this is insulting, I have now wasted 5 working days at a considerable cost, the notes on the BT system are false, especially where a note states that the engineer turned up to the property but no-one was in and he left - I was talking to the engineer and he advised the cab was not working so did not need to come into the house.


I am seeking some support here from someone that can actually help resolve this problem and once its resolved set about providing some compensation - If this is not resolved soon I will be expecting a full refund plus compensation for my wasted time and I will seek services from a different provided.


Frankly its appalling that a communication company has the inability to communicate to customers and internally to problem solve.


I have been relatively calm with those on the phone but if I am explained the process one more time I am likely to be less than polite.


Your support would be welcome.




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Re: Communications Company that cannot talk amongst itself??

Hi Jcash,


Welcome to the community forum. I would like to take a look at your account to see what is happening with you order. Please send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





Community ModeratorPaddyB
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