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Complaint About Loyalty

Why is it that, having been a BT customer for some time, when you come to renew your contract you get stuffed by BT who charge you significantly more than new customers?  It seems a perperse disincentive to renew your contract and instead to continually shift 'loyalty' between BT and Virgin.  I feel really angry about this. Does anyone else share my views?  Is there any way around it?  Roll on the scrapping on obscene Line Rental charges.

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Re: Complaint About Loyalty

this is a common topic and like many companies they give better deals to attract new customers than they do to existing customers  if you used the options team who are uk based you may get a better package deal especially if on adsl and not fibre  0800800030


there is nothing stopping you moving ISP evey time your contract expires and save money by getting the cheap rate for new customers provided you can stand the potential hassle and stress

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Re: Complaint About Loyalty

It's standard across the industry.  New customers get a substantial discount or other freebies, but only for 12 or 18 months.  After that, you can haggle a discount, but it will never be as generous as the new customer offers.


You could switch to a different supplier, but you would be in the same position after 12 or 18 months.

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