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Complaint regarding ridiculous billing procedure.

We've been with BT for 4 years over 3 properties, and in our last property opened a serious complaint where we wrote to the Chairman which eventually got filtered down to the correct UK based team who dealt with immediately and retained our business. We then moved house on the 13th of April and moved our service across, and the week prior (7th April) I had negotiated a new contract with BT for £14.60 line rental, £13.25 for broadband and £10 for TV a month. I have just received a bill for the old amount, with the old phone number and address on, up until JULY 12th!! This amount came to £188, and when I contacted the billing department he said that because the bill was generated on the 11th April they couldn't issue a new one so I would just have to pay it and wait 3 months for a credit. When I said I wasn't prepared to pay it he said 'well we'll just cut you off then'! I'm absolutely disgusted that we were offered the above rates to retain our business as we were leaving due to receiving such poor service previously, and now this happens! Does anyone have a UK based billing/complaints number I can contact? I don't have a problem with dealing with the India teams for day to day things, but after near on 30 calls to the, over the past 8 weeks, each time having to go through the same scripted service it is taking it's toll.
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Re: Complaint regarding ridiculous billing procedure.

This forum is monitored by BT moderators but they cannot respond to every post. They are a UK-based team of troubleshooters with a good record of solving service problems. They may take a few days to respond, but you can contact them here: Contact BT Forum Mods.


Hindsight is a wonderful thing, but it's a good rule never to task BT (or most other companies come to that) with two changes at once. A couple of years ago I made the mistake of ordering a service upgrade, then another before the first one had gone through. You would not believe the mess that ensued, taking 6 months to resolve even with the help of a senior BT executive, and a spurious bill for over 500 quid on the way!

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Re: Complaint regarding ridiculous billing procedure.

I am in the same situation, even though BT agreed to refund the excess charge on my bill, for some reason they won't correct my latest bill.

I still have to pay the full amount which is ridiculous when you consider my direct debit is not due until the 18th May.

Any other company I have had dealings with, when a bill is wrong, they change it no bother at all. But not BT, they make you pay even when you don't owe them the money.

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