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Complaint resolution - and is it possible to get an explanation?

Hello all,


As I expect many others have done, I have joined the forum for a bit of a rant and hopefully some advice from others.


I have been a BT customer for a number of years and have never had a problem before, but the difficulty I have had with getting my broadband problems resolved this month have been a struggle to say the least!


I lost my broadband access on the 7th of this month, and it has thankfully finally been resolved today. To cut a [very long] story short, when I initially contacted BT I was advised this was a fault with my hub so a replacement would be delivered. When this didn't arrive I contacted BT again to be advised it had not even been ordered, but this would now be done. When received, this was clearly not a fault with the hub as I still had no access.


I contacted BT again and was advised it was an external fault with the exchange, and I would be contacted regarding the resolution. I was not, so contacted BT again and was again advised it was an external fault and an engineer was booked but I would not need to be at home for the visit. On each occasion the fault raised was closed although it had not been resolved.


I was contacted later that day and advised it was actually an internal fault and another date was booked for the engineer, and I had to take an unpaid day off work for this. Thankfully the issue has been resolved and my broadband is now working (it was an external issue after all!).


For much of the past 3+ weeks I have been unable to access the free wifi (again, long story) so have had to purchase wifi access.


I raised a complaint earlier today, and when contacted was offered £10 for the inconvenience, despite having not received an explanation about why the issue was not resolved earlier, why each of the faults raised were closed without resolution, why have to pay for a service I didn't receive for nearly a month, and why I can't be compensated for the purchased wifi access.


Anyone had any similar issues?



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Re: Complaint resolution - and is it possible to get an explanation?

This page should help to explain compensation.


You should be able to claim daily line rental refund, and possibly the cost of the  wifi access, if you fill in the claim form.


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