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Conflicting BT ID? Returning Customer

Hi all, im hoping some mods perhaps can help me.

Basically, i am a returning BT Customer after a prior 10 years. For the last two years i have not been a customer due to buying a new home and living with in-laws.  I have successfully placed my Ultrafast Fibre 2 order for my new home this morning without issue.

The problem i am having is my BT ID - upon receiving the email to activate my BT ID, (i have done this), but it appears it could be conflicting with my previous closed account as the email address i used is still the same one.  So now, when i login i keep getting a 'sorry there was an error' etc.

Is there anyway for BT to check out if my old account which used the same email address in conflicting with my newly activated account?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Conflicting BT ID? Returning Customer

If you contact the BTID Live Chat they should be able to help.

BTID Live Chat

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