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Connection and activation charges.

Hi Im new to BT, looking for little help with first bill. I had chisen a package for £45 per month. Advert online said free activation. Once i had went through all the steps i realised there were a few other charges ie delivery. However i didnt need an ariel or an engineer to come out or the connectors. Got all up and running but have a bill for £172.39. I realise there are some one off charges but still seems high.

I called and BT asked if i needed an ariel installed, i told them no and they said they would refund me £49. But still need to pay £50 one off charge for taking over phone line but also another separate £49. This is either "the standard cost of your service connection or " The standard cost of your BT activaion"  both are £49 so i am unsure which one has been refunded, and i am still unsure i need to pay any connection charge as it said "free" lol

Any help would be great thanks.

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Re: Connection and activation charges.

try here and see if they can answer your question

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