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Constantly bad Broadband Connection

We moved into a house and the broadband speed was 5-8mb but over a month  dropped off to less than 1mb.


We complained to Plusnet who were the supplier at the time who could not fix it, then stopped responding to requests for support.


We switched to BT (incidentally then got an email from Plusnet saying they couldn’t look at our request because we weren’t customers. IDIOTS)


Once on BT, we had 8mb. Great, but over the next 2 months it slipped to 1-3mb and kept disconnecting.


We complained to BT who said it was a fault on the line, and made us wait 2 weeks, stay in all day waiting for an engineer who never turned up. When we chased them, they told us it’d been fixed remotely. Thanks for telling us NOT.


Great, Back to 8mb. Great, but over the next 2 months it slipped to 1-3mb and kept disconnecting. Haven’t we been here before L


So for 5 months we’ve been getting 1-3mb with constant disconnections and brief periods of 8mb when we complain. Each time they blame the line!


Has anyone else had this. Can anyone guess how to resolve it. Am I able to cancel my contract, quoting the sale of goods act, i.e. they are not supplying what I pad for?







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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Constantly bad Broadband Connection

Is there any noise on your phone calls? Dial 17070 and select option 2, there should be no noise between the announcements.


You can only cancel if BT agree in writing that they cannot fix the fault. Bear in mind that its Openreach who look after the external network for nearly all providers.


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