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Cost query

Hi all

Just a  couple of questions about costs of Full Fibre 100:

We have Halo 3 with BT (broadband and landline phone) 56.76 + 3.21 price increase = 59.97

700 mins 9.25 + price increase = 9.77

Please note we will be getting rid of landline option not getting digital phones, and no 700 mins to pay.  Never use landline.

Back to FF 100, we have looked at various  prices on here for this and have seen FF100 29.99 no p+p and FF 300 with 11.99 p+p. Did any of you get these deals?

I spoke with BT a while back and she said the price we pay at the moment will not change and stay the same which confused and annoyed me as I also mentioned getting rid of landline and the 700 mins.  She also said for eg if we kept the landline and got rid of the 700 mins we would get stand charge of £2 a month just incase we needed to use phone along with usage price of per minute cost.

Why when you log into your account and see these offers why are they not that price when you speak with BT?

I really feel that BT when you speak with their staff they are making up the call as they go along.

I would like response on the prices I have mentioned and have any of you come across this or something similar and can you give me breakdown cost on your phone bill  with which full fibre you use please.

Our contract runs out 5.6.24 but understand it will become a rolling contract until we contact them

Thanks for reading and look forward to your replies

Jean X








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Re: Cost query

Presumably FTTP is available to you  , the new customer price currently for FF100 ( 150 Mb ) is £31 ,  300Mb is £35 , so only £4 more but this price is on a ‘deal’  , £10 off the normal price of £45 , this price is for the full 24 month deal ,so twice the speed for little extra cost , but obviously depending on usage , 150Mb may be more than adequate,  both these are broadband only prices  , no phone service at all , no incoming or outgoing calls including 999 , you don’t have a phone number allocated.

These prices ought to be a target price for a renewal customer although there is no guarantee that the same price will be offered 

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