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Current Deals for existing BT customers.


My current 12 month contract with BT runs out shortly, and I am wondering what sort of deals they are offering these days.


I currently have phone with anytime calls, and option 1 broadband....what's the deals being offered for renewal?


I also have basic BT Vision @ £4 per month, but that has a few months left to go before that runs out.


I don't really need faster broadband, but how much extra  are they now charging for infinity.





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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

The best thing to do is call up, the packages can change from week to week. They'll let you know what packages are best for your usage needs etc.
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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

I wouldn't even waste my time calling as I am in the same situation and vented my anger at their lack of concern for existing customers. I am getting plagued by Sky to move to their fibre package and it's looking even better as BT have offered me £0.35p discount to stay with them!!

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Re: Current Deals for existing BT customers.

weepiglet This is a year old post

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