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Customer Compensation

Complained to BT about our Broadband constantly dropping out, each time I did this BT advised me to get a better, faster Deal, a new contract. Now we are paying over £50 a quarter. We tried to end our Contract and were advised we had to pay £216 if we pulled out. We still loose connection from time to time and BT say they don't guarantee constant connection. They said, "Complaining on social media can be effective" lol check out Facebook posts, EFFECTIVE? Are you kidding? We have been bludgeoned into paying more and more each time we have complained, by telling us to upgrade to this and that, and I'm sure we are not alone? Did this ever happen to YOU? We had an Openreach engineer sent out to our home to fix the fault by BT? Great he found out what was wrong, fixed the problem. All good then? No. The engineer went out to his Openreach Vehicle and filled in his report stating No problems found? WHY? Because BT-Openreach would get away with paying Compensation to Customers if the report states this. BT allowed this, turned a blind eye. Now today if the Engineer finds a fault in your home you have to pay a fee of £75. Is that the same TRUSTED Engineer from OPENREACH sent out by BT? Yes it is.
I've spoken to BT today asking them to change over my account to my wife's name as my health is deteriorating and it would be less stress later on. I have also asked for a lesser cost contract £29.99 for 18 months. As advertised on TV,  But they refused.After 50 years being with BT. My Advice to all that want a phone-broadband etc, stay well clear of BT. you will not be disappointed.   
michael n Betty lewendon
Were you or your family, or Buisness treated with the same Scam-Con, by BT- Openreach to deny Thousands of Customers Compensation? BT-Openreach must have all the Engineers reports, Was your fault report same as ours? Lies, Ofcom UK media watchdog, have they been informed about this pratice?
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Re: Customer Compensation

@bookerful I'm really sorry to see you've cause to complain if you need any help getting these issues resolved please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details. You can find the link by clicking on my username.

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