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Cut off. Promised to be reconnected in one week. Now nothing

Please bear with this long intro. 

Ordered broadband from BT on 10 Feb, moving house so request setup date of 18 March.

Router arrived and 18 March comes, engineer is booked for between 7-9am. Night before and the world is going crazy, Igget called to work for an emergency in the morning so spend an hour trying to get hold of BT to try and rearrange the time for the engineerr, no lucke. In the morning get a text from the engineer, I reply to his text to let him know that I won't be in. Tells me that he'll do everything remotely. 

I getvback home, plug in the router with a filter and everything is working great. 

Then evening of 1st April it stops working, purple lights. I wait for the morning and still nothing. Phone up customer service and they tell me that the system has cancelled my original order because the engineer couldn't attend. And now it will be a week until I can get reconnected. 

I've waited patiently for the week. Bought an expensive data add on for my phone which has just about been OK for working from home. 

Tried a few times on my new reconnect day to see if it is working, at about 4pm called customer service and was reassured that it will definitely be up and running before midnight. 

It is now 1am and still nothing - I just do not understand how I can have great working broadband and now nothing, nothing at all. It seemed to be shut off remotely so why does it need a week to come back and more importantly why has the activation day come and gone and I've still no broadband. 

I've wasted a week that I could have been getting something else in place, I have some serious online training sessions I need to run on Tuesday and if I don't have broadband I'll be stuck. 

Please help me understand and get connected. 

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Re: Cut off. Promised to be reconnected in one week. Now nothing

Hi @Photovoltage,

Welcome to the Community and thanks for taking the time to post.

Sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your connection.

In this case, it would be best for you to call us on  0800 800 150 to try and get this case picked up today or ASAP. The MOD team won't be able to get looking at this case until mid next week if you offered to take it in and help. 



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Re: Cut off. Promised to be reconnected in one week. Now nothing

I spent 3 hours on the phone on the 10th April to try and get this moved forward.

First person told me no chance of getting connected in the next couple of months so best option is to buy a 4g WiFi router from BT and get a good data package. Then he comes back to say they can't offer that anyway because all the hubs are out of stock.

Second person (values team) was more helpful. He has set me up a complete new account with an expected start date of 23 April but has said that he has put it into the queue for a different team (can't remember which) who will call me Monday (today) morning.

I just don't understand how I can go from perfect working broadband to nothing and no way back to it without such a MASSIVE rigmarole. 

I understand that this is a completely unusual situation, with Coronavirus going on. But surely there is a way to resolve this without waiting another 10 days with no broadband.

I was promised to be up and running by 9th April so have scheduled a lot of online things for work this week. I can't put it all off for another fortnight. 

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