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Daughter's Broadband installation issues

My Daughter stupidly decided to use BT broadband for her flat in Hove against my advice.  You would have thought hearing me moan about BT for years would have put her off, but she knew best.

True to form BT/ open reach have let my Daughter down, six/ eight weeks and counting and still no broadband installation with numerous failed visits to install and now we wish to make a complaint but I can't find an complaints email address. 

Can someone on here please give me the complaints email and that of ofcom so the letter I have done can be sent?

Knowing BT they will not have a complaints emails as to be honest with the service they give it would probably have to be staffed by thousands, but does anyone know of one?



Many thanks in advance.


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Re: Daughter's Broadband installation issues


Welcome to this user forum.

It would be best to ask here first, as there may be a very good reason why the order has been delayed. If the answer cannot be found, then one of the BT moderators can be asked to assist.

What broadband service did she order, and is she in a new build property?

Openreach are a separate company from BT Retail.



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Re: Daughter's Broadband installation issues

This is the letter we wish to email.....



Complaint reference:****


22nd October 2020


Dear Sirs,


Formal complaint against BT/ Open Reach internet services







We hereby make a formal complaint to you about the poor service you have given us and continue to give to us. We have suffered enormous distress from the lack of service that we have receive from you as it falls way short of what a reasonable company would expect to give to its customers. Please note that this letter is also being sent to Ofcom and the local trading standards as quite simply your service has not been satisfactory and continues to be unsatisfactory and these regulators need to know as there are probably hundreds in Hove that are experiencing this poor service at the moment and it cannot continue.


We want you to note that both occupants at XXXXXXXXX are full time teachers who are key workers during Covid and although everyone requires the internet, both occupants are unable to fully do their essential job without it.


We give you a summary of our dealings with you:



-12th September 13:15 ordered internet, given a provisional appointment 25th September 1-6pm. In initial email it said service should start before midnight 25th September

-21st September 15:54 43 minute long phone call to discuss the date getting changed from 28th September 8am-1pm to a 1-6pm appointment

-25th September called multiple times and couldn't get through 

-27th September rang as soon as it opened someone was very apologetic and polite, he tried to get through to the appointment team and said because it was the next day he didn't think he could do anything. He then rang back and said he managed to get through to the appointment people and organised a 1-6pm appointment

-text 10 minutes after that that phone call on 27th Sept. Made an appointment 8-1pm 8th October completely opposite of what we were told/asked for

-got a text on the evening 27th October saying you're engineer is coming tomorrow 8-1(watch a Covid safety video) and also an email

- appointment was provisionally in for the 25th September when the service was purchased 12th September. The BT hub arrived to the property 1st October

- rang 30th October on the call for 42minutes. Explained ONCE AGAIN even though it should all be on their notes. We got told an appointment was made 8th October 1-6pm

-on My BT is showed 8th October 8-1 (even though we were told 1-6pm

- rang 4 times on 6th October. On the fourth call 6:30pm it was confirmed that an engineer would come 1-6pm 8th October

- 8th October 2 missed calls and a text 9:05 saying they were at the property (teachers we are at work and have said this every time we've spoken to BT on the phone). Replied to engineer saying we were expecting him later, he said it came through as a morning. 

-10:40 email from BT saying engineer on their way and internet will be working by midnight the same day (8th October)

-12:18 message from BT saying an engineer was on his way. 

-friend on maternity leave arrived before 1pm to sit and wait for the engineer (with her child under 1) 

-we came home straight from work and missed important meetings so friend could take young child home 

-Just before 5 o'clock 8th October made multiple calls to find out what happened. A lady said she would take over our case, she discussed with her manager and the connections team. She said she expedited and put in a complaint on our behalf. She also said she would send us a BT mini-hub and it would be with us latest 12th October. She rang us back we have a voice mail with this information and also spoke to her on the phone on another number saying the same as the voicemail. Which also included that she would we ring us back Monday 12th October 18:30. We also put in a provisional date for 21st October 1-6pm as she said she would hopefully be able to sort something sooner

-18:30 got a text from Anjali from BT orders management team saying please call us ASAP. Called back and couldn't get through to someone for 45 minutes

-22:16 got an email saying our complaint was being looked into 

-8th October 20:30 an email from BT the same as the initial email we got on the 12th September

-9th October asked about the message and he said he had no idea why we would've been asked to call back 

-no phone call on Monday 12th October received

 -13th October phone call 8:06am from an engineer outside asking to let him in, but obviously we had no idea about this and were both at work 

-19:58 13th October explained situation and he told us that they had sent a text about the appointment, but no text was received. Asked if the 21st appointment was still there he said no it would be gone. He arranged for us to receive a call back the next evening and this no call back happened. He also told us when we queried about the mini-hub he said only vulnerable or people with a particular package would be given them 

-16th October 16:30 text received from BT India from Dharmanshu. Saying we are going to install your PSTN on 29th October 1-6pm



What we require from BT/ Open reach:


  1. A guarantee that BT/ open reach will fully install the internet service to this house as a matter of urgency, even 29th October 2020 is really not acceptable but it cannot be any later than this.
  2. Compensation for the extra data having to be paid for by both occupants from their mobile phone providers.
  3. Compensation ie a meal out for the friend on maternity leave kind enough to house sit for an arranged appointment that did not happen. Not only was this a complete waste of her time but we had to pay for her parking and it was frankly embarrassing.
  4. Compensation for having internet television services that we have been unable to use whilst you have not provided internet services.
  5. Compensation for the stress caused by your poor service to both occupants of the flat.



We are unhappy with the service BT/ Openreach. The standard of service must fall way below the service you would hope to give your customers.



I did tell my Daughter not to use BT/ open reach as they are useless, perhaps this will be an important life lesson that her Dad knows best.



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Re: Daughter's Broadband installation issues


This is only a customer to customer help forum, everyone posting here are just customers, and do not work for BT Retail. The only BT employees are the moderators.

Please delete your fault details, as they are private to you, and this is a public forum.

Openreach supply services to most providers, so if its an Openreach issue, then any other provider would have the same problem.

I can ask a moderator to look at this, but they cannot deal with orders for FTTP, which is a direct fibre into the flat.

Is her phone line working yet, it does not sound like it.

I would guess that Openreach are having problems with providing the routing, possibly doe to shortage of cable pairs, if the service is being delivered over the phone line.


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Re: Daughter's Broadband installation issues

sorry but not sure what broadband package your daughter is buying  is it FTTP (fibre to the premises) or FTTC (fibre to cab and copper to home)?

if FTTP is there something like this installed

ONT fttp_small_ont_2019.jpg

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Re: Daughter's Broadband installation issues

Hi @Ukfurrie 

Welcome to the Community and thanks for your post.

I'm very sorry for the problems your Daughter has had getting services connected.  I can understand the frustration due to the time this has been going on.  We can pick this up from here and find out what's causing the hold up.  I can't promise I will be able to speed things up at this stage until we have had a chance to understand why there is a delay.  We will personally manage this and make sure you are fully aware what the issue is and what the next steps are until you're up and running.

I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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