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Definition of a New Customer for BT deals etc.

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I'm currently a BT home phone subscriber with Sky Broadband (ADSL) over that line.  I'll soon be moving to another City, with the usual array of different Companies offering competing packages for Phone/Broadband/TV.  One of these of course is BT.


Some offers are marked as 'New Customers only'.  Likewise, some my pay a cashback through sites like QuidCo etc.


My question is, would signing with BT at a new adress and probably for a larger package than now (Phone+Broadband and probably fibre not ADSL) entitle me to such new customer deals?

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Re: Definition of a New Customer for BT deals etc.

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moving creates a new contract providing you do not move your phone line you would be a new customer so the deals would apply
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Re: Definition of a New Customer for BT deals etc.

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Hi @Roy12345 and thanks for posting.


Are you still in contract? If so then using the home movers process with mean you'll start a new contract as an existing customer. If you're not currently in contract your best bet would be to place a new order at you new address and cancel at your present address, though you would be liable for the broadband cease charge as part of the cancellation.





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