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Re: Delays with fibre connection

Am I right that only BT hold the contract to provide new homes in the UK with fibre, if this is correct then I don't understand how people believe this is an independent and fair system

There must be a better way to escalate issues of this nature!

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Re: Delays with fibre connection

No , Nick02, you are wrong, it's not 'BT's' fibre in FTTP , it's Openreach's , and they make it available at a wholesale level to any provider that wants to retail it to customers , BT are a communications provider that do retail it, there are others that also offer FTTP over OR infrastructure.....there are some that make the assertion , that only BT can offer the initial FTTP connection , then others can take over the service, but that is wrong.

There are other FTTP  'network' providers , and they are under no obligation whatsoever to offer any wholesale access to their networks, so if lack of choice is your problem, you would have no choice at all if you were in a property that only had access  to the fibre belonging to one of these Alt Nets, and the only provider that could offer service on that network was them, if it's communication between the network provider, the communications provider and yourself, when things don't go as planned, blame OFCOM , they insist that you have to speak to your provider , and the provider speaks to Openreach, a little while ago Openreach made a proposal that they could speak to end users directly, but that was rejected by the likes of Sky and TT who don't want OR speaking to end users  

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Re: Delays with fibre connection

Nope, you’re wrong.

Any Network Provider can Build their own Metallic Path or Fibre Network on New Builds.

On my Patch Virgin Media also do Network Build on Greenfield Sites now as well as BT and in some areas Fibre City are as well so some Estates have a choice of 3 Network Providers.

Openreach Wholesale out the FTTP Network they manage to anyone who wants its but funnily enough all these Providers that whine like little **bleep** for them to build an FTTP Network don’t actually use it. It’s like they want BT/Openreach to bake the Cake but then refuse a slice once it’s built. 🤔
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