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Difficulty getting a simple 'renewal of BT Broadband & Landline' completed

My contract isn't up until end Sept but BT emailed offering same deal as I'm currently on to renew early.   Unfortunately I wasn't able to complete renewal online (which would be so much easier) so phoned and verbally agreed price on 2.7.20.  BT Confirmation email arrived but price was £8.73/month HIGHER than our agreement.  I phone BT back and another advisor apologised and agreed a price of 27p cheaper than I am currently paying per month but when confirmation email arrived, the price was actually £24.50/month HIGHER than we agreed!  Now the stress levels were high and I phoned again and advisor said he'd get his manager to amend it manually and he offered me  24 month renewal paying £1.27/month less than I'm on at the minute.  However I got NO BT confirmation email this time but guy had given me his personal BT dept email incase there was any issue.  How right he was - still no confirmation email 12 days later and order still showed 'pending' on my account.  I phoned back today 14.7.20 as I'm very aware that the '14 day cool off period' will be ending soon and I'm NOT going to be tied to BT when they can't deliver what they've offered.  Again advisor said she would get her manager to action the renewal for the 'agreed' price but whilst on the phone I noticed the 'pending' order changed from 'Broadband & Landline' to 'Landline'  ONLY !  I mentioned this immediately and lady said don't worry it will all be sorted within 24 hours.  An hour later I received a BT confirmation email for contract renewal for LANDLINE ONLY and guess what - NO PRICE on the email???  What is going on and why is such a simple task unbelievable complicated???   I've already spent over 4 hours on the phone to multiple BT advisors since 2.7.20 and I'm no further on.  I would be very grateful if a BT representative could offer urgent advice and help with this very distressing situation, please.  Thanks in advance

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