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Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before



Just had a phone call from BT telling that my install for BB, Phone Line & TV due for 30/3/15 (Monday morning) has been delayed because of an error with getting my number transfered form Virgin. It turns out that they haven't requested the transfer of services in time from Virgin, due to a mistake on BT's half. I work for myself and had not taken any appointments for Monday morning as I had to be available for the engineer, so I have lost out on money due to this. To say I am disgusted is an understatement.


I ordered the package from BT on 5/3/15 and paid £225.85 upfront for line rental, activation and delivery. They have had all this time to contact Virgin for the line transfer but turns out they didn't. BT said they would call me back on 31/3/15 once they had requested the line transfer from Virgin and could give me an update on installation. This is a total joke in my opinion, they had one thing to do and couldn't do it.


I have cancelled my services with Virgin and they will be turned off on 4/4/15, I gave five days le-way for any issues, but this obviously isn't enough as the guy who called from BT said it would be the 7/4/15 at the earliest before the engineer could make an appointment. This is will leave me without BB and phone which are vital for my work.


I will also have to clear another morning or afternoon of appointments to be available for when BT eventually do what they have had a month to do and get the line transfered, meaning I will lose out on a whole days work due to BT's inability to do what they were meant to do.


I am appaled that BT, didn't request the line transfer from Virgin, and chose to not tell me until today, less than one working day beofre the install was due! When Virgin rettentions called me a week after I cancelled they said BT hadn't requested take over of the line and that they normally do this within 24hrs I thought Virgin were just trying it on, but it seems BT are that useless.


I can't believe after paying over £200 upfront inlcuding £49 for activation that they have the nerve to mess me about like this.


When I told the guy from BT this meant I wouldn't have a phone line or internet he said to get a mobile dongle from BT, and they would refund it once the services were running, but looking on the website it seems they don't do that. Internet is vital for my work.


After reading the other horror storries on here, I think this will be a long drawn out affair to get this install sorted out.


What would others advice be with regarding dealing with BT on this and being compensated for no services and loss of earnings? Should I contact Ofcom?


Any help appreciated.



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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Hi toml1,


Welcome and thanks for posting. I'm really sorry there's been a problem with the order. It sounds like the correct team are dealing with this for you but I'll lend a hand if I can. Just drop me an email with the details, including the order reference number. You'll get the 'contact us' ljunk in my profile.





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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Just to update everyone on this, I still have no internet or phone from BT, it is now over two weeks since they were meant to instal.


I have had three appointments cancelled now, the first one they called the day before, they were then meant to install on the 9th April, BT called at 6pm on the 8th to say they wouldn't be coming the next morning. Then they re-arranged for the morning of the 14th, and said this would 100% and I wouldn't be let down again. Guess what? They didn't even show up, I took another morning off work, and at just before 1pm a woman from BT called me to say she was calling to make an appointment for my installation. I told her she must be joking as I have a confirmation text saying the intall was due for 8am - 1pm on the 14th (that day), she said this wasn;t the case I accused me of making this up. This was also confirmed, when I logged onto 'MY BT' and it stated 14th for the intall.


This has now been arranged for the 22nd april, which will be there fourth appointment, I don't hold out much hope in this ever getting installed. I have also lost out on three days work so far for this, which has cost me more than the entire contract with BT, needless to say I will be taking legal action to recover my loss of earnings, stress and time wasted on the phone.


BT is the worst customer service I have ever had. I have been told so many lies by them, not just lied to about appointments and being caled at the last minute to cancel, or not even turning up and then pretending there was no appointment.


I have also been told that they would give me a mobile dongle for internet with unlimited data, this was a lie. The guy on the phone said, just go into any BT shop, give your infomation to them and they will provide the dongle. It turns out BT don't even do mobile internet. They do however lie to customers to get them off the phone.


Anyway thought I would update this, as it is disgusting the way BT have handled this whole situation. But I will be taking legal action to recover all lost earnings and have all calls recorded, which are full of lies so they won't have a leg to stand on. Ofcom will also be recieveing a full report with recordings of the calls as well as Watchdog.


BT are by far the worst company I have ever dealt with



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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

I feel for you, I'm going through the exact same thing!


Taking days off work, engineers not showing, engineers showing and not being able to do the work. It's appauling!


I hope you get sorted soon.



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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Yes it is disgusting the way they treat customers, it is a horrible situation to be in.


They don't seem to value customers time and just fob you off with excuses and outright lies.


My advice would be record calls where you can and log all communication with them, and report of to Ofcom, as they need to be made aware of the way the supposed leading broadband provider treats it's customers, which is like dirt!


I have been with all the large BB / Phone providers and have never had anything like this.


It is shocking when you look into it too, as it seems a very wide spread problem and many customers are treated like this by BT, so make sure you don't stand for it. Claim compensation for loss of earnings, and the time spent on the phone and the hassle of the whole thing. If people do this they might start to realise you need to actually treat your customers with respect and provide a level of service, not lie to them and let them down time and time again.


If you have lost out on any money and wasted time because of BT, they need to pay for that, don't take the excuses, at the end of the day what they are doing is unacceptable, expecially when you are paying the best part of £250 upfront!

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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Did you contact DavidM as he has offered to help you
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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Yes, and it was of no help, hence why I still have no service's, and have been let down three times in a row with installations, and am sure I will be let down again next week.


I was promised that an eye would be kept on it, and guess what. Not heard anything since!


So another example of BT not coming through on promises, but guess this is normal for BT!

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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

have you checked for any emails from the mod team even worth you checking your spam folder as mails have sometimes ended up their
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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

With all due respect John, I do those things daily as I recieve a lot of emails for work.


I had no reply after my first contact, except for a phone call from I presume David (he was an Irish guy) as he wasn't from the call centre saying he would keep an eye on it, which has clearly not happened! Typical BT really, lie and do nothing!


Please don't try and make excuses for BT, what they have done and how they treat customers is wrong and I will make sure it costs them financially as it has cost me financially because of there own errors and poor service / management. They will be charged acordingly to compensate me.


I will be spreading the word about BT, as I wouldn't wish what I am going through on anyone.


All relevant authorities will be informed along with recorded calls of staff outright lying to me, will be interesting to see what they think of this awful company.

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Re: Disgusted with BT - Delay on install, told less than one working day before

Hi Toml1,


Please can you tell me when you first placed the order? I was going to join BT this week because the package seemed reasonable and my sister joined them recently (only last month) and thought it would be good for me but now she is furious with BT because she, like you, has paid cash upfront and they keep on cancelling her installation appointments. She now has no internet and is trying to tether from her mobile.


My sister says it could just be a one off but from your post and others i have seen on here, I think it will be a dangerous move to join them now.


Im now thinking that I should go with Virgin.. were the installations done on time with Virgin?


My sister says that BT are the worst company she has ever dealt with (personally).


They kept patronising her on the phone telling her to calm down... bless her.. she never usually gets angry!


I really hope you have some resolution and for my sister and many others too!


Maz 🙂

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