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Disgusting service, confused staff and overcharged TWICE even when assured we wouldn't PLEASE READ

I am writing on behalf of my partner,  Sarah who joined the great BT for broadband and line. The simplest part of this seemingly great idea we had to go with BT was registering ourself for a package. No surprise there then.


In the beginning it went remarkably well. We received the HUB when told, the communication was great. Our first encounter happened when unfortunately the date was postponed for us to be connected to the Internet. We were given certain dates that came and went for about two weeks before it was turned on and all in the meantime, we had been promised by a few 'advisors' incorrectly but we're told we were entitled to compensation and that someone would shortly be in contact over this matter once the problem had been resolved. Surprise, surprise this never happened. I asked and my partner for an email of a brief transcript of what we had discussed or text and told strongly, yes after we put down the phone, one would be sent. Never came either. 


The broadband worked great and it was a pleasure to be able to use it so we left it as it was. Unfortunately about two weeks into receiving the Internet,  the HUB turned a funny colour and our phone line didn't work at around 11.00pm in the evening. I hastily rang BT and was put through to a delightful overseas gentleman who was incredibly frustrating and abrupt; he actually tried telling me (after telling him the account number and then the order confirmation) that we ONLY had a phone line with BT and that I would have to contact the Internet provider (as he stated it was not BT several times) directly.  As he said, out of their hands. I became very abrupt and exasperated by this time as I listened whilst looking and staring blankly at the ORDER confirmation from BT IN FRONT OF ME. I held for several times and several minutes whilst I imagine he took continuous cigarette breaks only for him to put me through to another department. 


Eventually, I would say a good hour and a half, the problem was found. It was found that a BT engineer had came to the property to look at our HUB or check the connection, something along those lines. I was in all that day and we had, and it was confirmed by the advisor that they had not sent any information regarding. No notice to say anyone had visited as you would expect a polite reminder from a company that talks big. The best part of the scenario was that everything would have to connected once more and that we would have to wait more days for the broadband to again activate. At first the systems apparantly said we had never had Internet from BT. We did. Two weeks worth which we have paid for.


Some time later, over a week the Internet resumed however we have no phone line still. No one has bothered following up our calls or coming over to check and what's better... my partner checked the BT bill and low and behold, line connection and an activation had been charged to the account again. I have a receipt BT to prove I have paid everything we should have you bandits .


On the phone we went again to another advisor. The first British person I had got through to that seemed intent on helping. Polite mannerism, wanted to help and tried to. Said that he put notes to cancel this agreeing that records showed it was BT's fault. Our bill came to over £130 baring in mind that we have paid everything firstly and that the bill should have been in the £25 mark. We expected our bill to be correct. We have a house to pay bills for. All I seem to here is that you will be compensated once everything is sorted. We don't want compensation  just Internet for.what we pay for and to pay the correct amount. 


We are now down 135£ that leaves us withdrawn in the account because of a mess up by BT again for us. We have four days until the rent comes out and we are now £100 short that we had in there to cover the rent. It's absolutely disgusting and incredibly poor standards which I will be writing to WATCHDOG about as I doubt I am not the only one.


Please sort this out BT. We asked to cancel after this bill showing up but we're reassured you would sort this.


YOU HAVE LET US DOWN MAJORLY. Please check your records for the phone number 01493*******!


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Re: Disgusting service, confused staff and overcharged TWICE even when assured we wouldn't PLEASE RE

I forgot to mention that a BT engineer didn't turn up for the first time. The BT was cancelled by BT because another engineer was meant to visit so I was told by an advisor yet the BT to be activated once more COULD BE DONE WITHOUT AN ENGINEER AND HAS BEEN PUT ON WITHOUT ANYONE VISITNG; SOLE REASON BT TOOK IT UPON THEMSELVES TO CANCEL.


I guess I will send an hour on the phone tomorrow or.more to get an explanation and my our money back! 

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Re: Disgusting service, confused staff and overcharged TWICE even when assured we wouldn't PLEASE RE

Hi firstandlast,


Welcome to the community forum. I am really sorry to hear about the problems you have had with your order. I would like to take a look at the details of your complaint. Please can you send me in your details using the "Contact The Mods" link found in my profile.





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