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Do I have to take a calling plan?

My contract is due to end in 2 weeks and I have been looking at what to renew with.

When going through the checkout process, the digital phone package has been added and I must choose a plan, ranging from pay-as-you-go at £3 a month to the options to get equipment. 

The thing is, I haven't used a landline in years. I don't need one. I don't want to spend £3 on something I don't use and have no need for. I have just retired and need to make the best choices, so can I renew without this?

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Do I have to take a calling plan?

you can change your package to broadband only so you will not have the ability to make or receive calls on your landline.

probably best phone retentions and negotiate a deal for broadband only 08007831401

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Re: Do I have to take a calling plan?

Thanks, I'll give them a call!

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Re: Do I have to take a calling plan?

As stated , if you don’t need telephony at all , then you don’t have to take it , but you won’t have incoming calls as well as not having outgoing calls , including 999 emergency calls ….you won’t  have ‘landline’ a telephone number allocated to your account anymore , the one you had will be ceased ( and potentially allocated to someone else in the future) …..

obviously for many this isn’t a problem, others may think that old friends or relative's that may hardly ever contact you , but may need to , and only have that historical number to refer to  , so the relatively small sum may be worth it for that , but if it’s absolutely surplus to requirements, there no need to pay for it , have the telephony option removed 

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Re: Do I have to take a calling plan?

Thank you.
I have weighed up my options but since I haven't used it in almost 6 years, and all my friends use other means to contact me, then I think it is safe to remove it.
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