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Does BT have accurate records?

I'm curious how accurate BT's cusotmer records are because of recent conversations with BT Biilling.  No criticism of BT employees in what follows - I suspect the records they see are inaccurate and they act according to what BT has on record.

1)  A few months ago a BT Openreach engineer said we were on Infinity 2 when we are actually on Infinity 1.  Infinity 2 was wrongly sold to us a few years ago but when the speeds were not achievable BT put us back on Infinity 1.   We though no more of it until the engineer was positive we were on Infinity 2.    BT Retail stated the same.  We questioned it and the story changed - we were, they said later,  on Infinity 1.    We thought no more of it until yesterday a BT agent said again we were on Infinity 2.  After I persisted in questioning this the story suddenly changed to say we were on Infinity 1 after all.  I'd have thought our broadband package would be clear on BT records.  I'm beginning to wonder if we have been paying over the odds!  We certainly don't get Infinity 2 speeds and I am wondering if this Infinity 2 issue is behind some of the broadband outages we get - our settings perhaps set too high for Infinity 2 when the infrastructure can't deliver it. 

2)  I had a coversation with a different BT agent yesterday who insisted we were on an 18 month contract for broadband.   I knew this was not true and we had an email from BT confirming a 12 month contract had been set up back in March.  The agent repeatedly said we were on an 18 month contract and telling me I was wrong  until I opened the email which had originally set up the contract and read it to her.   She then accepted we were on a 12 month contract after maybe 10 minutesof telling me I was wrong.

Surely BT has a responsibility to ensure its records are accurate - after all, how can they answer cusotmer questions if they think we're on a different level contract of a different duration?

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