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Early termination charges are ridiculous

I have just given notice to cancel my contract early because I am now moving abroad  and am appalled by the early termination charges which come to £165.  I have a hub which is only 7 months old and asked if it could be returned rather than me having to pay the £65 for it.  I was told that used hardware can not be re-used which is just riduclously wasteful. There is nothing wrong with it and surely it should be recycled rather then ending up in landfill.  I am also disgusted at being charged in the region of £70 to cancel the broadband and another £31 just to turn it off at the exchange.


This is in stark contrast to the excellent customer service and minimal charges applied by Sky when I rang them to tell then about my move abroad.


I wish I had never had BT.  The whole service has been rubbish from installation to cancellation.

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Re: Early termination charges are ridiculous

The early termination charges are to cover the cost of the remainder of your contract to BT. This is standard when you take out a contract and not unique to BT. If you could just break a contract with out having to pay there would be no point in having a contract in the first place.


The charges are set out in the Terms and Conditions that you agreed to when you signed up to BT.


See link


The cease fee is charged by Openreach to BT and BT pass it on to the customer. The charge is made if you cancel your broadband without moving to another provider or move to cable services. 


See Link


The Homehub is recyclable and normally BT would send out a re-cycle bag so that you can re-turn it to them if that is what you want to do. Returned Homehubs are not sent out to other customers until they have been fully tested and refurbished.


You would however still be charged for it because when you received it at the commencement of your contract your equipment was provided on what BT term "deferred payment". ie Complete your Contract minimum term and it becomes your property. Cancel your contract early and you have to pay for it.



Deferred Payment for Equipment

  1. In some cases we will allow you to defer payment of the full price of the equipment we supply for use with the service. If you then end the service within 12 months of BT accepting your order and you did not pay the full price of that equipment when you placed your order, then you will be liable to pay the balance – that is the price of the equipment as set out in the Tariff Guide, less any amount which you paid upfront when you placed your order, unless you end the service within the cancellation period (as detailed in paragraph 10 of the Residential Standard Terms). The deferred payment is no longer payable after you have received service for 12 months or more from the date that your order was accepted by BT.


In case you are going to reply to this post. I do not agree with the charges, other than the early termination of your contract fees, I am only informing you what they are.

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