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Email Activation Woes

Hi, I had BT Full Fibre 500 with TV etc installed today. I ordered it online and created what I thought was a BT ID with my primary, non BT email address. I now realise I need a BTInternet email address to access cloud, email etc. 

I could sign into my account with my non BT Internet email. I have tried to create a BTInternet ID and take over my account with it. However, method for doing this is confusing to say the least. I chose a BTInternet email address for the ID where it said to, it said it had sent an activation email to that account, I can’t access that account to activate! It appears to have taken control of my non BTInternet email address account ID as expected. But, I cannot sign in using either my non BT ID or, the new BT ID I created as it requires activation? 

As it stands, I’m now locked out of my account! 

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