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Email about BT Sport contract

Not sure if this is a billing issue but it doesn't really seem like a BT Sport issue as such.


I have Infinity broadband and BT TV with which comes BT Sport free of charge. In July when BT announced that they were going to charge £5 for BT Sport I renewed my contract and, as far as I can tell from my bill, I'm not paying any additional charges. Today I received an email that said "We wanted to remind you that you’re currently paying £5 a month for the BT Sport Pack. As a BT TV customer you can get the BT Sport Pack for free when you renew your TV and Broadband contracts for 12 months."


Does this mean that I'm renewing my contract for broadband, TV, etc. or just BT Sport. If it's the latter, it makes no sense.


What's going on?!?!?!?!?



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