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Engineer didnt show up!

A few weeks ago i had ordered bt infinity premium business broadband. I was switching from virgin media as it was more applicable to the house we were moving to. Everything went fine and we had a survey successfully done by bt, weeks prior to today. However we were given our install period of between 1pm to 6pm today, and the engineer didnt show up! I should note that at 5pm we rang bt to check that he was still coming, which he " definitely was". We rang again at 6:15 pm to check again, at which we were again told that he was certainly coming, except it could be 6:30. So we waited and no luck. We called again, only to be told that our appointment had been canceled at 4:00pm, AND that both customer support member knew this and didnt tell us!! We have been notified by a member of customer support that an engineer will come by 8am - 1pm on tuesday the 8th however we havent had an e-mail to confirm this. This is business broadband and that is exactly what we need it for, if nobody shows up on tuesday again then i will most definitely go out of business!!! (I should note that i run my business through the internet and it is mandatory to do anything i need to do to continue) i am outraged and actually quite scared, what do i do?
* i would also like to note that it states on the e-mail that if we are not available to recieve the engineer into our premises, we will be fined £125 for what... 30mins of his time. What do i get for being stood waiting for A whole day!?
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Re: Engineer didnt show up!

Welcome to the BT Residential Customers forum


As you are a business user, please could you post on the BT Business forum at




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