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Entertainment Plus Package Query

I'm a current BT Broadband customer, currently with a BT Infinity 2 package. I've had BT TV as part of my package before, and received a Youview box as part of this (the older version), but decided not to continue with it once the contract was over.


My Youview box has now developed a fault, so I've been looking into options to replace it. From what I can see, signing up for the Entertainment Plus package, with new style Youview+ box and additional channels, for 12 months looks like the best deal.


Currently, the package is on promotion at £5 per month, and it is subject to a 12 month contract. From what I can see, this would mean a total price of £60 for the year. I'm struggling to find any additional small print, so will this £5 per month promotional price stick for the whole 12 months?


Am I able to take up this offer, having had a BT TV package in the past?


Also, if I were to finish the contract after the 12 months (the TV channels are not a big draw for me, just the Youview box), would the Youview box be mine to keep, minus the additional BT TV channels of course?


Just wanted to seek some clarification on these points before I sign up, as I don't want any unexpected costs half way through the year.

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Re: Entertainment Plus Package Query

The box would yours to keep. The price will be for the whole contract unless stated during sign-up. You can take BT TV even if you've had it before. 

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