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Equipment only arrives on go live date.

I`ve gone live today and everything went sweetly. I have a query though as to why the modem is only delivered on go live day.

In the past the kit used to arrive well in advance of live day. My line was switched over at 9.30am but the postman doesn`t get to my house until around 14.00 - 1500 so I had to wait about 5 hours before I could get back on line. I could have banged on a spare modem for a while I suppose but I didn`t know the current loggin details for the Homehubs so that was a no no.

Is there a reason for the change? I`m guessing that it`s to stop people getting over excited and connecting the kit too early and wondering why there`s no phone/BB etc and then trying to contact support for no real reason. Never mind, all is well now.


One more point is the lack of info in the HH4 menus. A quick scan through the forum confirmed this was a general complaint.   

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