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FTTP Installation


I ordered an FTTP package from BT on 24th November 2020.  I was given a date for my engineer visit and go live date of 12 Jan 2021.  I saw that my Smarthub 2  had been dispatched and decided to phone 0800 587 4787 to ask if the engineer would be running the fibre from the pole outside my house and fitting the ONT all in the same visit (remember my go live date and engineer visit date were the same.

Imagine my surprise when I was told that the engineer date had been refused and nobody would be coming on 12 Jan.  Not only that but also "because of COVID" engineer visits were being booked in March 2021.

To put this in context I struggle with 3 Mb download and I was really looking forward to FTTP (300Mb).  My main complaint is that if I hadn't phoned up to enquire about the installation nobody would have phoned me to tell me that no engineer was going to arrive on 12 Jan; I would have sat in all day to no purpose.

To say that I am not impressed is an understatement.  Does anybody have any ideas about how I can escalate this?  The operator to whom I spoke said that he would raise a complaint on my behalf.  However what I'd really like is a realistic date for installation!!!!

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