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False selling of products

Ok this might be a long one.


mid jan I signed up for FTTP 500 .I was sold it at 49.99 a month. Two weeks later I wasn’t sure if I Sure if I should go to 900 but the only way to see how much this would cost me was to cancel my current order, as they said they couldn’t tell me while an active order was going on.

So I canceled the first order,that was only two days ago.

then decided just to resigned up for 500 as they wanted a lot more than I saw else where for that.

signed up again two days ago and was sold it at 49.99 again with instillation being March.

last night I received an email saying I was going to have to pay 55 from the end of March.

my line won’t have been in more than 3 weeks before I have to pay this extra charge I wasn’t told about when sold the product.

I wasn’t told about this the first time either and didn’t receive any emails that time about an increase.


I really feel like I’ve been falsely sold a product as they can’t say 2 weeks or even just 5 hours before that they didn’t know they price would be going up in March.

why would they not have just quoted me this price from the get go know this also.

When I complained on line they just said it’s an increase with customer index each March , they said about 3.9% but this is a 10% increase.

and  an increase of 50% over what I was quoted compared to what I pay now for standard.


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Re: False selling of products

Everyone who is a BT broadband customer has an annual increase at the end of March each year, the increase is the CPI rate published in January each year (5.4%)  plus 3.9%, combined it's 9.3% and part of the terms and conditions.

If you've not yet joined BT you can cancel your order, if you have joined and your services are active you have a 14 day cooling off period, there's no other way to avoid it.

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Re: False selling of products

I have now been told about this increase and why it is.


The point is why sell me a product at one price and then tell me it’s another price hours after. 
as you have pointed out they would have known about this price increase but magically forgot to tell me about it.

it’s like me buying a car from the garage and being told it’s 50k and signing the contract then going to drive it away and being told sorry we have been taxed more so u have to pay an extra 10k if u want to drive it away.

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Re: False selling of products

You were obviously quoted the current price and in T&C there is  set increase annually in march of CPI + 3.9%  this seems to have become common practice with other companies not just ISPs. You could cancel again and wait until start april and then see what price you are quoted for same product

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Re: False selling of products

As someone who is planning to return some services to BT, I have been watching the website with interest to monitor deals, but I decided very early on that I would wait until April before moving forward due to the increase.

To be fair to BT, the warning about price increases is pretty much baked into every page of the website and a banner confirming the increase also appeared about 10 days ago. 

As recommended above, I would cancel and wait if you can, or at least go through a cash back site or similar to help compensate.

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Re: False selling of products

To be honest I’ve haven’t checked there website I was emailed to say FTTP was now available so I just called.

Going to call tmr as the person on chat just said to call and if nothing is done might cancel a second time